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The space of perfection is a volume that we can comprehend only in the process of development and once we have the ability to interact with this space. Sri Chola (Oleg Cherne)

The TCH website (Oleg Cherne’s website) is a practical path to change and transformation. Here, you will find knowledge from various traditions, aimed at the practical improvement of the human being.

The TCH programs represent the years of experience of Oleg Cherne and his students, a special path and method of nurturing the energy, body, and mind.

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  • Steps in developing the practice of Turtle Breathing. Buy the lection

  • Oleg Cherne. Philosophy of Taiji

  • Anatomy of Taiji

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  • The Path of Spiritual Purity. The African Oracle

    The Path of Spiritual Purity. The African Oracle

    The African Oracle is a concept that goes beyond linear perception in general and the very understanding of the oracle in particular. It is first and foremost a path of spiritual purity. The African oracle is about […]

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  • Wealth is a Box

    Wealth is a Box

    All that pertains to real wealth contains hermetic principles and has nothing to do with the desire to get rich. What is important to wealth is the “box” – the space in which we generate […]

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  • Oracle


    The oracle is a phenomenon characterized by a consciousness with a specific shape, geometry and frequency, which leads to the formation of special mental, energetic and physical connections in the mind. These connections develop different […]

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